PSI- Power Specialties, Inc.


PSI is proud to represent the following companies:

Air Monitor Corporation

Air Monitor Corporation

  • Combustion airflow measurement stations and Traverse probes
  • Continuous emission flow monitoring
  • Ultra low range pressure transmitters



  • Digital bargraph indicators
  • Vertical, horizontal, and round versions


Chino America

  • Infrared Moisture and Thickness Gauges
  • Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Measurement
EOne Utility Systems

eOne Utility Systems

  • Generator Overheat Monitoring Systems
  • Generator Gas Purity Monitoring
  • Generator Gas Dryer Systems

                          Thermal Instruments, Inc. Fox Thermal Instruments
  • Direct Insertion and Full Body Thermal Mass Flow Meters    
Hawk America, Inc.

Hawk America, Inc.

  • Ultrasonic/sonic liquid and solids level measurement
  • Microwave point level sensing
  • Submersible liquid transmitter
  • Data acquisition modules

  • Magnetostrictive float type tank level gauging system
  • Level indicators

Pyromation Logo


  • Thermocouple and RTD temperature sensors.
  • Temperature transmitters

S&K Logo Schutte and Koerting 
  • Eductors
  • Steam jet vacuum systems
  • Desuperheaters

SICK Process Automation Division
  • Particulate and Opacity Monitoring Systems
  • Ultrasonic Flow Monitors for stack and flare emissions
  • Extractive and Insitu Gas Analysis
  • Industry solutions for Cement and Power Industries       
SWAN Analytical
  • Chlorine, Free Chlorine, Free Total and Combined Chlorine
  • Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, pH and Conductivity
  • Sodium, Silica, Hydrazine and other water chemistry measurements.

Scott Health and Safety Scott Health and Safety
  • Gas detection instrumentation
  • Gas plus universal toxic gas transmitter
  • IR and catalytic bead combustible gas transmitter
  • Wide range of toxic sensors

Type K Damper Drives

  • Pneumatic damper drives: 90 to 10,000 ft. lb.
  • New installations and exact retrofit of existing floor mounts, direct mounts, and other mounting variations  
BLH Nobel
  • Process weighing and batching systems
  • KIS weigh modules
  • Axial load cells
  • Web tension measurement
  • Weight processors and batch controllers



  • Vortex, Magnetic and Coriolis Flow Meters
  • Flow, pressure, level, and temperature transmitters
  • Recorders and data acquisition
  • O2, pH, ORP and conductivity analyzers
  • Single loop controllers
  • CS3000 Distributed control system
  • YS100 series multifunction/ programmable controllers
  • UT/UP series 1/8 DIN and 1/4 DIN digital controllers and indicators
  • Juxta intelligent signal conditioners
  • High performance lightning arrestors
  • Multi-loop control modules


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